Immorent Singidunum receives BREEAM certificate for environmental construction solutions

The modern project development vision and the most advanced architectural and design solutions applied in the Sirius Offices project were judged outstanding, with an Excellent rating on the BREEAM certificate, which was awarded to the project investor - Immorent Singidunum, a member of Austrian Erste Group. This recognition is based on meeting a wide range of environmental criteria and assessing the impact of construction solutions on the environment, according to the globally famous and recognized method of real estate certification – BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).

“The interior of the Sirius Offices complex is designed in accordance with a modern approach to business, which is rapidly changing and adapting to staff needs, but essentially reflects the orientation of Erste Group members towards the values of socially and environmentally responsible business. It is a pleasure to receive a recognition that confirms the importance of a sustainable business vision and motivates us to set even more ambitious goals for the future”, said Wolfgang Hausner, CEO of Erste Group Immorent GmbH, on the occasion of receiving the BREEAM certificate.

All of the buildings in the complex are built in accordance with BREEAM standards, in order to provide ideal working conditions and optimize user costs, while respecting strict energy efficiency requirements. This also implies minimized energy consumption for heating and cooling, and the use of renewable and recycled materials.


BREEAM certificate