Support for the Association „Our home“

“Sirius” has joined the initiative of the Association for people with disabilities

A better, more just and tolerant society is a goal to which we all aspire. This is exactly why we decided to join the initiative of our lessee, the Strabag company, and support the Association “Our home”, which is committed to providing training and improving employability of people with disabilities.

“Our home” has started a handmade paper production from used cigarette packs and employed people with disabilities. Sirius recognized this initiative and supported it by setting up boxes for collecting discarded cigarette packs. Paper produced with this method is of different size, weight and can be used for different purposes. The plan is to expand the scope of its applicability with the help of production technology experts.

By setting up boxes for collecting used cigarette packs we have actively joined the initiative of “Our home” to support the inclusion of people with disabilities into work processes, and at the same time to draw attention to their status in society. This initiative has a positive environmental impact as well, because the production process includes recycling of paper waste.